Cincinnati Central Riverfront Development
Summer 2002

The largest urban waterfront construction project in the United States has been underway since 1998 on Cincinnati's central riverfront.  Paul Brown Stadium, the reconstruction of Fort Washington Way , and the east riverfront parking garage were all completed in 2000.  This year the Riverfront Transit Center will open under 2nd St., and in 2003 Great American Ballpark, the new home of the Reds, will be ready for action as will be the "Block C" garage.  Above the Block C garage, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center will open in 2004.  The Freedom Center will be joined by new apartments and offices on new city blocks to its east and west by 2005, and the new Central Riverfront Park is planned to open in 2006.  A park over the Ft. Washington Way trench is expected sometime later, as well as more apartments and condos west of Paul Brown Stadium.

March 2002 view of Great American Ballpark     [Larry Stulz photo]

Multi-purpose Riverfront Stadium, which opened in 1970 as the home to the Cincinnati Reds and Bengals, will be demolished this winter.  The land it occupies will become part of various components of the new riverfront development, including the front plaza of Great American Ballpark and the Reds Museum.

May 2002 view of Great American Ballpark    [Cincinnati Enquirer Photo]

Aside from the new baseball stadium, construction is well underway on the "Block C" garage, which is the first of the two level parking garages that will elevate portions (the remainder to be supported by fill) of eight new city blocks on the flood plain.  These new blocks will act as an extension of downtown south towards the river, with new buildings limited to 12 stories.  The Block 3 garage, being built by Hamilton County at a cost of $25 million, will support the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, which will be completed in 2004.  The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center will be funded mostly by the federal and state governments, and private donations.  What exactly the Freedom Center will be and what will go on there and who will visit it is still anybody's guess.

June 2002 view of new central riverfront garage, viewed from the stadium plaza.
[Click Here  for a larger version of this photo]

Parking garages of this type will soon line the entire riverfront, providing about 4,000 spaces to the new buildings that will be built above.  All of the garages are being funded by Hamilton County, with all of the buildings above (with the exception of the previously mentioned Freedom Center) to be built by private developers.  The specific mix of offices, apartments, and hotels will be determined by the market at the time of construction.

1. New Reds Stadium / Riverfront Development
2. Contemporary Arts Center
3. Power Building / Krippendorf Building / 7th & Broadway Garage
4. 6th & Race Apartments

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