Subway Maps

I am not able to provide official maps because they are "rare" and cannot be
removed from the library. Each of these maps are based on the official maps,
but might have minor inaccuracies.

Miami-Erie Canal
1914 Plans
1925 Map
Beeler Report Recommendations
Central Parkway Tunnel today
Proposed Mt. Auburn Tunnel  [all planning for this tunnel halted in summer 2002]

Section 1  Planning and construction
Section 2  Completion attempts
Section 3  The subway today
Section 4  Various proposals
Section 5  What might have been
Section 6  Future use

Construction Photos
Portal Photos
Brighton Station Photos
Linn St. Station Photos
Liberty St. Station Photos
Race St. Station Photos
Hopple St. Tunnel
Norwood Tunnels
1950's Photo Tour
Early Subway Plans and Diagrams

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