I-275 Caroll C. Cropper Bridge

The Carroll C. Cropper Bridge is located 20 miles downstream from Cincinnati, a few hundred feet across the Ohio-Indiana border in an undeveloped marshy area. Built in 1977, the 4 lane tied-arch cantilever span provides the western Ohio River crossing for the I-275  circle expressway. The Anderson Ferry  is located 10 miles to the east, and there is not another river crossing to the west for about 40 miles, at the Markland Dam.   With no signs at the border, most people are unaware that the bridge actually connects Kentucky and Indiana. Even fewer know its name, or that the bridge even has a name. Like the I-275  Combs-Hehl Bridge, there is little remarkable about this bridge. And since there are no public roads within a mile of either side of this bridge, and there is no pedestrian walk, it is more trouble than it's worth to get good photos of it.  The photo at top was taken from the top deck of the Argosy Casino parking garage, and is literally as close as one can get to the bridge without blazing a trail through the marsh.

A summer 2001 view of the Cropper Bridge looking east, with Indiana at the bottom left, Ohio to the
top left, and Kentucky to the right.    (Larry Stulz photo)

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