I-275 Combs-Hehl Bridge

The Combs-Hehl Bridge is located 5 miles upstream from downtown Cincinnati in an undeveloped semi-rural area and forms the eastern Ohio River crossing for the I-275 circle freeway. Built in 1979 for $30.5 million, the twin 3 lane spans carry I-71/75 bypass traffic as well as a growing number of commuters who on their trip downtown cross the Ohio River first into Kentucky and then then drive back into Ohio on the I-471 Bridge.  Coney Island, Riverbend, and River Downs are all located near the bridge, and it along with I-275 provides convenient access to these attractions from the rest of the Cincinnati area. Despite an easy 10 minute drive from downtown, the land around the bridge has been spared typical suburban sprawl because it is either too hilly or on the flood plain.  Additionally, there is no exit at the western end of the bridge, which has prevented expressway related development.  It goes without saying that the single central pier design results in an awkward and mostly unremarkable bridge. Fortunately it is well out of sight from downtown and a similar design was not chosen for the I-471 bridge.

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