C&O Covington Viaduct

The current C&O Covington Viaduct was built in 1929, replacing the original 1888 bridge approach.  It is a massive structure which often handles several slow-moving, mile-long trains per hour.  Its elevated bridge approach (pictured above) marches diagonally across Covington's riverfront street grid, meeting an earth berm four blocks south of the river.  Four blocks farther south the railroad reaches the abandoned Covington Station, which is not pictured here due to its high elevation and formidable fencing.  The railroad's diagonal crossings of the street grid in this area form many interesting views and could be mistaken for an elevated subway line.  They, along with the station, will eventually be added to this page.

[photos March 2003 by Jake Mecklenborg]

View of viaduct looking south.

Bridge approach.

Viaduct meets earth berm.

Looking back towards the bridge from the earth berm.

Viaduct stradles street near bridge.

Overpass at MainStrasse Village.

View of MainStrasse Village from underneath the overpass.

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