Construction of I-74 began in 1958 in Indiana and was completed with its terminal connection to I-75 in Cincinnati in 1974.  It branches from  I-75  four miles north of downtown and cuts diagonally (pictured above) across the Mill Creek Valley before following the creek's west fork through Mt. Airy Forest.  After a steady climb to the North Bend Rd. interchange, the expressway descends into the Great Miami River watershed and interchanges with I-275.  I-74 is multiplexed with I-275 for about two miles before branching west from the loop expressway toward Indianapolis.  I-74 terminates approximately 350 miles west, at an interchange with I-80 in Bittendorf, Iowa.

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I-74 through Cincinnati does not involve any tunnels or major bridges and the style of construction is similar to most of I-71 and I-275.  But it is notable for traveling through varied environments in an unusually short distance, from the old densely built Mill Creek Valley to the wooded hills of Mt. Airy Forest in just a minute or two of driving time.  And with only trace glimpses of suburban development visibile from its path, I-74 offers the most pleasant expressway approach to Cincinnati.  No doubt the unknowing highway traveler is given a much different impression of Cincinnati from the wooded hills of I-74 than from any other approach.

Due to the large amount of photos, I have divided the I-74 article into four sections:

    1.  I-74/75 Interchange
    2.  Northside / Colerain Expressway Interchange
    3.  Mt. Airy Forest
    4.  I-275 Interchanges / Points West
    5.  I-74 Extentsion?

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