I-74 in Northside

The final mile of I-74 before its terminus at I-75 travels diagonally across the neighborhood of Northside.  This stretch is elevated above its surroundings, which were flooded most recently in 1937, on a combination of fill and deck girder bridges.  This stretch includes ramps to and from Spring Grove Ave. as well as the storied Colerain Expressway interchange.

The never-built Colerain Expressway was to have branched from I-74 at this spot, traveling north in the ever-widening radial wedge between Hamilton Ave. and the expressway's namesake Colerain Ave.  Right-of-way was purchased for much of the route, and dozens of homes were demolished where the expressway's silent earthworks still stand.  The project has now been stalled for over 15 years with no clear end to the stalemate between the Ohio Department of Transportation and area residents.  More discussion of the Colerain Expressway can be seen in the never-built expressways.

Looking inbound from a pedestrian bridge.  The I-75 interchange is in the distance to the right.

Approaching the I-75 interchange.  Rumble strips were installed in the left lane here, along with the large overhead
warning sign, in the hope to avoid major truck accidents, such as the notorious animal fat spill in 1998.

View from I-74 eastbound at some of the ramps associated with the never-built Colerain Expressway.

View of an old residential street that was severed by the expressway and has fallen into disrepair.  This is typical of old
city streets throughout the U.S. that were dead-ended by expressways.

Aerial view of the still incomplete Colerain Expressway interchange, with Mt. Airy Forest at top right and the
massive Fay Apartments public housing development at center left.

This diagram shows the complicated network of local roads in this area.

Opening day, on the inbound lanes just north of the Colerain Ave. interchange.

    1.  I-74/75 Interchange
    2.  Northside / Colerain Expressway Interchange
    3.  Mt. Airy Forest
    4.  I-74 points west
    5.  I-74 Extension?

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